wtf 32-Year Old Nicardo Satahoo is currently sitting in a Boca Raton Police Station being charged with aggravated battery and violating a restraining order.  The victim is a 29 year old woman ,whom the Police have chosen to redact & omit her name from the Police Report for her privacy.


The woman had a past relationship with Satahoo that was violent, which is why their was a current restraining order between the two. She told Boca Raton Police that they trying to mend and rebuild the relationship which is why they were hanging out that night.  Things went left after Nicardo  requested sex from the victim and she declined, driving him angry enough to bite a huge chunk out the woman’s chin.  I cringe just typing this!

According to The AJC:
Records show that Satahoo has been arrested four times since January 2011 for either aggravated assault, aggravated battery or both, including a 2011 arrest for aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. The victim has three children with Satahoo, according to the arrest report.
The 29-year-old victim was taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, where doctors told her she may need plastic surgery to avoid permanent disfigurement from a dime-sized hole left after Satahoo allegedly bit her, the report said

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I don’t know what’s in the water in Florida, but there stays some drama when it comes to relationships down there. Refer to these stories below from the past year alone…

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