I’ve been noticing for the past 6 months how my water bill has become extremely unreasonable and unfair. as it went from a manageable $35-$40.00 a month to $85-$90.00.  And here I am but one person in a 1 bedroom Apartment and have never consumed that much water.  They’ve had people come check out faucets and check for leaks and still no valid explanation.  Everyone I speak to from friends &  family to complete strangers have spoken on how their bills have been extremely high with no valid explanation at all as well.  I just so happened to come across an article on the AJC.Com about how several residents in Atlanta have taken issue with their own Water Bills suddenly sky rocketing and demanding answers, check out the story below.

AJC Reports:

Homeowners upset by exorbitant water bills demanded relief Thursday, telling DeKalb County leaders they can’t afford the charges and the calculations make little sense.

About 200 people filled a government auditorium to confront county officials at a town hall meeting about a problem that has escalated in recent months. Many said their bills that have doubled or more, sometimes exceeding $1,000.

Many complained about inaccurate water meters and poor customer service.

Catherine Rye of Dunwoody said her bill jumped to $1,578 in September compared to her normal bill of $150.

“It’s erratic. It causes a lot of stress,” Rye said. “It’s not until you get a huge bill and then you say, ‘holy moly.’”

Water billing problems have been caused by malfunctioning digital meters, misread meters, computer errors and other issues. The DeKalb Commission passed a resolution stopping the installation of the problematic digital meters, the iPerl model made by Sensus.

DeKalb officials have created a more thorough dispute resolution process and declared a moratorium on water shut-offs for residents fighting their high bills. But permanent fixes will take time — possibly years as the county replaces old and broken meters across 190,000 properties.

Read The Full Story Here

You have to ask yourself what is going on nationwide as I doubt this is an anomaly in just Texas & Georgia, why is it that the water companies are messing with people’s livelihood’s?  You have to wonder whats the end game?

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