KANYE WEST MET GALAIt’s about time we rename Kanye “Can’t Get Right”, cause he seems he has a habit of screwing up important relationships with industry leaders  Tycoons.  He’s lost almost all ties in the fashion & hip hop world.  Just recently airing out his beef with Jay-Z in a rant he had on stage at one of his concerts.

According to HSK:

Following the rapper’s latest Yeezy Season 4 runway show, the fashion industry had a lot to say about his mediocre designs, the way he treated his models, and the circus he has created surrounding New York Fashion Week.

Kanye decided to chuck his cell phone after all the backlash to remain focused, but it looks like the damage has already been done.

According to Page Six, the fashion industry thinks the rapper is crazy, and he has been butting heads with the bigwigs at Adidas.

“He’s a wreck! Everyone in the fashion business thinks he’s crazy. He’ll start taking advice from someone successful, stop listening 15 minutes later, and then move on to someone else. He constantly fights with everyone. He’s even fighting with Adidas,”.

Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show, A Complete Disaster..

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