Kardashian Brother Rob is cool and all but he has to be the most insecure & frustrating person to deal with.  So it’s no wonder after the birth of daughter Dream Kardashian, Blac Chyna reached out to Rob’s older sisters with her complaints.

Mirrok UK Reports:

Blac Chyna shocked the Kardashian sisters by texting them to admit she was ready to break up with fiance Rob Kardashian .
In scenes to air in an upcoming episode of E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians , the true extent of Chyna and Rob’s on-off relationship is revealed when Khloe Kardashian phones Rob to let him know what Chyna has been texting the family.
“She text all your sisters and said she’s ready to leave you,” says Khloe.
Rob replies: “I definitely do love her and want to be with her.”
But Khloe seems utterly perplexed by her younger brother’s answer, asking her sisters in the room: “Am I crazy? What does that mean?”
 Rob would be a fool if he didn’t get it together, its time for him to grow up.  I truly believe they can be a power couple if they kept his family out of their personal business more. So I’m really rooting for you guys to make it down the isle.  I say start by going to Church and building a better relationship with God.

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