New Orleans rapper & entrepreneur Brian Birdman/Baby Williams, wants yawl to know he don’t owe Ex-Cash Money Records Artist Tyga anything.  His statement was made possible by the recent slue of interviews, statements and disses in tracks Tyga has made in reference to Cash Money still owing him monies.

“Right now I’m in a position where I just want Wayne to get what he’s owed,” the “Rack City” rapper said. “I don’t even want to throw nothing more on that situation. I want to see Wayne prosper with that and then I can go see.” When asked by Charlamagne Tha God if he had to “strong arm” his way out of CM’s contract, Tyga revealed the whopping sum that he’s yet to receive.
“I had to pay to get out. I paid to get out,” he said, adding that he paid close to $1 million dollars for his liberation. “Now mind you, I’m owed probably at least twelve, fifteen million they owe me.” Per TMZ, sources within Birdman’s camp said Tyga’s statements are false and he left the label without dropping another required album. His severance from Cash Money was also possible because “his sales were sluggish” the site states.


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