Usher just can’t catch a break, just when you think you’ve heard it all it keeps pouring out.   Famed Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom put the embattled “Let It Burn” singer on blast when she tweeted about the long line of women who’ve contacted her to sue Raymond.

The fact that there’s several women who’ve come to surface since word of his first suit, shows the lack of knowledge of any of their sexual partners.  Think about it, it took the initial lawsuit being exposed for them to come forward.   So if some of the women are suing cause they’d contracted the virus, its possible promiscuity played a part in them not realizing where how the disease was contracted.  If not why hadn’t they attempted to sue before now. 

I’m not saying it’s either of their faults, whether they contracted the herpes virus or not.  But to go this long without suit or threat of it, tells me one of two things.  Either they were too frightened to say anything to Usher.  Or they weren’t sure who’d they contracted it from, either way now it’s only fair the public know who these women are.


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