Dame Dash @DashDamon "Heated Power 105.1 BreakFast Club Interview"

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Not to say Dame Dash has ever been a mystery or elusive to me,  I’ve always admired his hustle.  With this interview I and I’m sure countless other people now understand who and why he is, who he is.  

 For instance Charlamagne (#ChattyCathy) sitting in the corner not even asking questions like he does, just sitting there assumingly making statements.  Saying silly sh*t like “I heard you did this and that, “Such and such was your boss” and “Somebody told me how you use to ass non-sense. 

Damon is a No-Nonsense kind of Guy and I see myself in how he carries himself and I’m a woman.  Dame kept me engaged the whole time in what he had to say; I agree with Dame wholeheartedly when he says its about perspective. 

I have a 9-5 and I didn’t take offense in him saying what he said about that not being counter productive for him and what he has going.  It inspired me to get back on my website for the first time in months to actually start writing again.  So I’m supporting Dame Dash 100% and I hope you genuinely take the time to listen to what he had/has to say, because its eye opening and life changing.

I sincerely think he was there to motivate DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne to do better and want more.  DJ Envy missed his point completely you can see in the picture (below) they took afterward he was still salty.  I think if he goes back and actually hear what Dame is saying he’ll see it was all Love and Encouragement.

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