Erykah Badu @FatBellyBella Stars in All Black Western That Airs Only on Jay-Z Tidal Serv.

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(AllHipHop News) Jay Z and the rest of the new owners of Tidal promised the streaming service will offer exclusive content. Users can now watch director Jeymes Samuel’s They Die By Dawn exclusively on the platform.

The 50-minute film is based on real life stories of African-American cowboys and cowgirls. The all-star cast includes Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson, Erykah Badu, Giancarlo Esposito, Jesse Williams, Nate Parker, Isaiah Washington, Bokeem Woodbine and Harry Lennix.“I was like, ‘Ok, look. I’m gonna shoot this [film], I’m gonna write this story, and I’m gonna assemble almost every single real character that existed and I’m assemble them like the Avengers and put them in one place at one time – in one of the first Black settlements post-slavery, 1890 in Langston, Oklahoma,’” Samuels told Life+Times in 2013. “We got Black Wall Street. All of these places that are criminally unsung. So I set this story in 1890 and I threw everyone in it: Ben Hodges, Rufus Buck, Nat Love, Bill Picket, Stagecoach Larry, Jordan Anderson, etc.”

All Star Cast Black Western Short Film
By Jeymes Samuel

“They Die By Dawn” Starring Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams & More NOW Streaming Exclusively On Tidal
Streaming April 3 -Jeymes Samuel’s new film, “They Die By Dawn.” Exclusively on

Langston 1890. In a town with no rules, four outlaws play a deadly game. Murder and mayhem ensue, TheyDieByDawn.

I like the look there going for.  It authentically originally and I’m looking forward to viewing this All Star Cast.

I’m curious as what direction this is taking Artist to freely express & release there own projects collaboratively and artistically;  It’s very inspiring and exciting to see, I’m looking forward in seeing how it services can also benefit Independent Artist around the Globe.
I think they just focus expanding artistry in a whole collective type atmosphere instead of Sole Collective.  All I’m saying is I want in….

On top of That is My Girl Erykah Badu is holding Mama’s Gun… Or atleast that’s the song that comes to mind seeing her handle one.  She cant smile without somebody thinking of one of her songs.

She was one of the first artist visually I can say who knows body language fluently.

The only person here in Dallas who has ran down a street naked (up the street from the court &  the Prison/Police Station), filmed it and got away with it.  Because every one here loves her quirky ass to death wasn’t no way they wanted a Revolution here in Dallas.  They knew if they tried to charge her she’d have not just the whole City behind her but the World.

Any who from what I understand it started out as a film and there suppose to making it into a show now.

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