Damon Dash To Start Back Up #StateProperty Franchise

I honestly think if anybody could do it, it’d be Dame.  He made it possible for a lot of people to be stars.  Some shined longer then other’s, but he did what he promised alot of people and that’s make them some paper. 

I believe he’s striking while the Iron is hot, there’s alot of Black Pilots, Shows and Movies that’s been making an impact in the industry as of lately. 

We have “Orange is the New Black”, “Blackish” “The Game”, and “Empire”.  Were take over with the movies & Broadway “Dear White People”,  “Cinderella” and Brandy’s New gig playing Roxy Hart in the adaptation of  Maurine Dallas Watkins “Chicago”.

I’m hoping his story lines going forward are to be used to guide are younger generations into making better decisions on this street,  I know your thinking Dame why did I put the pressure on you to do that?  Well cause I’m ready for more change and inspiration in this world.  If you need help I say reach out to the real Freeway Ricky Ross for Guidance.  Other then That I’m looking forward to you reviving the franchise.

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