Date Set for Bobby Schmurda Trial

Bossip.Com Reports

Bobby Shmurda’s gun and drug conspiracy case is heading to trial.
Shmurda will have his day in court June 25, to answer charges that led a gang as that terrorized Brooklyn with shootings, drugs and illegal guns.

“We’re preparing for trial,” Shmurda’s lawyer, Ken Montgomery said after the hearing. “I’ll be surprised if they (the prosecutors) are ready, but I’ll be prepared for it.”
The “Hot N***a” rapper appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday for a brief hearing, where Judge James Burke set the trial date and granted Montgomery’s request for a hearing to suppress statements Shmurda made to the cops.

Shmurda has been locked up for the last four months, unable to post his $2 million bail. He looked subdued in an orange jail jumpsuit for the five minute hearing. He turned around once to nod to the crowded courtroom, where his mother, Leslie, friends in “GS9″ t-Shirts and fans sat.
“He is doing the best he can in jail,” Montgomery said of Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard. “He’s maintaining. He’s a resilient kid.”

The news comes as prosecutors announced that 75 to 80 audio recordings of Shmurda and his codefendants at the Rikers Island jail would be part of their case, as well as Facebook postings.
Shmurda’s tearful mother, Leslie, told BOSSIP after the hearing that she just wants it to be over.
“I want my son home,” she said, adding that she speaks to Shmurda everyday and visits him weekly. “He’s hanging in there. I just want it over with.”

Shmurda’s codefendant, Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall, also had a court hearing Wednesday, where his trial was also scheduled for June 25. Flanked by court officers, the rapper stuck his tongue out at the crowd before officers led him back to the cells.

Lawyers for both men asked that their clients be part of the first group of defendants to be tried in the case.

Wow is all I have to say, usually it takes years until they set a date so he’s one of the lucky one’s.  It’s people in Rikers been there for years and still don’t know why they’re there.  So hopefully they didn’t rush it to make an example of him and his cohorts/friends.

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