Chicago Musuem Unveils Mike Brown Exhibit!?

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An art gallery in Chicago unveiled an exhibit
this week dedicated to Mike Brown, the rambunctious youth who Ferguson
Officer Darren Wilson justifiably shot and killed in self-defense during
an altercation in late 2014, reported news station WGN.
Titled “Confronting Truths: Wake Up!” the exhibit depicts a life-size
version of Brown “as he lay in the street after officer Wilson shot
him.” It also contains “a black Statue of Liberty and a noose dangling
from a neon sign.”
According to the artist, a white woman from New Orleans named Ti-Rock
Moore, the exhibit represents “white privilege in America and how it
negatively affects the black community now and has for generations.”
She hopes the exhibit helps to keep the Low Life Street Thug Brown’s memory alive.

* However, the exhibit makes no mention of the fact “that
Brown’s killing was deemed justified after extensive investigations by
both local and federal authorities” and that “evidence showed Brown was
in the process of charging Wilson when the officer fired the fatal

Considering there are countless others who’d be justified in having an exhibit before him, I’m baffled.  I wasn’t happy to hear about this young mans death either.  I also wasn’t ecstatic when I saw footage of him assaulting the store clerk before he was shot.  All I know is I learned growing up all things done in the dark, or in this case the light of day come out.  I assaulted and robbed 2 1/2 weeks ago by some Black Teens and if anything were to happen to them in my book it would only be justified considering they didn’t have a second thought when it came to my welfare or wellbeing.  My whole thinking how can you justify requesting someone else for respect and space and you not be willing to do the same.  If Black Lives matter then why is that the I keep running into Black People who think I don’t matter?  Do I have to die in order to?  I refuse to be martyred for such a biased cause, I believe all lives matter.  I wish we were all blind, then color wouldn’t be a topic.

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