A$AP Rocky Acid Fueled Orgies Inspiration for New Album?!

When your a Hip Hop Artist is there not a fine line of what’s to much information?  I’m guessing not considering what A$AP Rocky recently confessed to in a recent Vibe Article.

A$AP Rocky lives a pretty wild life. During a recent interview with the New York Post, the Harlem rapper discussed the recent wave of LSD, the namesake of his latest single. Sharing a rather unique anecdote, Pretty Flacko recalled an acid trip he had while at this year’s SXSW Festival
“There’s definitely a psychedelic influence on my new album,” he said. “Makonnen gave me acid at SxSW. This n–ga looked like Buddha with a Jheri curl! After that, I went back to my mansion and f**ked nine chicks. It was pretty rad. That’s a true story.”

Clarifying that he did not have sex with all nine women at one time, the rapper broke down that the escapade consisted of multiple orgies.

“Yeah, but not all at one time. It’s like group sex. You have three at a time, and then you have three orgies. That’s nine chicks,” he explained.

Taking to Twitter with a cosign was Makonnen, who confirmed that he was indeed A$AP Rocky’s pusher that day.


I don’t recall not one mention of a condom and when your on LSD do you even think to ask for one.  I don’t know I’ve never done it but I can only imagine when your out of your mind how it could be forgotten. 

Who were these random 9 chicks?  Where they homegirl’s who rode together to SXSW?  Where they from Austin or Texas for that matter?   Who know’s but if you do know drop a tip in the email…

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