Stacey Dash Blames Women for High Divorce Rates!?


Stacy should of opted out of commenting if she didn’t have a better point a view then what she put out.  First off your 3-Time Divorcee telling other women if they knew how to take care of there men they’d be able to keep them.  How you should of worded that is ” As a 3rd time Divorcee,  I should of taken better care of my husbands.  Cause if I did I’d still be married to at least one of them. 

 How dare you contribute me not making my man a sandwich after sex to his lack of satisfaction or happiness. 

 How about I think about making a sandwich without him asking, when he can do countless other simple task men should do around the house without me doing the same. Which is having to ask.  I’m all for pleasing someone but I’d like to mutually do that myself and do it cause I want to; Not because some stranger suggestd

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