Chris Brown Speaks on Rihanna, Tyga & Custody Battle

Chris Brown Spoke to legendary UK Satellite Radio Show Host Time Westwood this past on subjects such as his Album, Rihanna, Tyga and his Custody Battle. 

His first in depth question he asked was what’s the story with Drake, in which Chris handled the response with grace.  He respectfully declined in declaring his stance saying he keeps out of the beef. 

He inquired with him the change he’s incurred being a new father and the custody of his kid. He get’s into that and I enjoy hearing his excitement about being a Father to Royalty. 

In regards to Tyga he just reiterates that he has his back and that’s his dude.

As far as Rihanna I’m going to allow you to listen to the video, but the question you should be asking yourself is did he leave room for a chance of reconciliation?

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