Jada Pinkett Smith Slay’s @Paris Fashion Week

There’s no question where Willow Smith the newly minted “Model” get’s her Beauty, from her Mama apparently.  Her dad’s deviously handsome looks don’t hurt either, I say it’s a great mix of genealogy.  This week Jada Smith celebrated her daughter’s new deal and managed to sneak a trip out to Paris for Paris Fashion Week, stealing the show if you ask me.   When you can outwear the model that convinced you to by your get up I’d say your winning (See model in same dress below)

Jada’s just simply beautiful, Will Smith need to hire a body guard and by her a line of Chasity Belt draws to make sure that stay on lock..  Lol I doubt it but the idea was hilarious, there marriage is refreshing compared to the one’s that play out in Hollyweird.  People forget he was married before his ex wife had to do a reality show to remind everybody, what good that did her it’s canceled now from what I understand “Hollywood Ex’s LA”.

I’d say who so ever is styling you now keep them honey.

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