Kanye West Get’s Nori a Bigger Paycheck Then Grandma

  North West St. Barts sunglasses

Kanye West has always held the position he didn’t want his first Born North West Exploited on her mom’s Kim Long Standing Family Drama, “Keeping Up With the Kardashian”.  That’s until recently when he decided he’d give a little in the negotiation department. 

Kanye’s now singing a different tune stating he’s willing to let Nori Film for the up coming season as long as she’s getting paid more then everybody on the show;  From what I understand the producers have taken him up on the offer.  

I mean I believe that was pretty reasonable of him.  I’m a savvy negotiator like that to, its like you want me to do that, ok well I’m gone need this and I’ll ask for the most ridiculous thing I can at times with hope of them saying no depending on how outrageous there request is. 

In the case of coin, Kanye really aint hurting either way but Its a good a way to look out for Nori and her interest.  She has no way of saying I want more then Grandma & her daddy has no problem voicing that for her.  I aint mad.

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