Terrence Howard Blackmailed By Ex


I’ve been tried to tell you all, It wasn’t long ago I wrote the story about how he got caught having unprotected sex with a security guard on the set of Empire and how he exposed her Read Here.  So it comes to no shock to me that he’s in court exposing his ex as a blackmailer. 
My thing is he can no longer carelessly go around putting people in danger of contracting the disease from him, that’s how he traps his wives and girlfriends. 
Check the deets below.

According to Sources Whom were Present:

Terrence Howard returned to Los Angeles court on Thursday, August 13 in an attempt to undo his 2012 divorce settlements. The actor broke down in tears when testifying against ex-wife Michelle Ghent whom he said threatened to ruin his life and career.

According to several reports, Howard spoke softly, slowly and took deep breaths while describing Ghent’s threats. He even wiped his tears and blew his nose at some points. The actor said Ghent left him “terrified” when she threatened to tell people that he had Sexually Transmitted Disease, which won’t be good for his career.

“Michelle was threatening that if I didn’t get this mediation, this settlement agreement [signed] she would release to the public that I had herpes and that she would release the videos and audios of me in a very private and intimate place and that I would never be able to work again in this business,” Howard said. “I was terrified of her releasing the private tapes.”

Claiming it was made under extortion, Howard was asking Judge Thomas Lewis to overturn the settlement which included spousal support. His plea came days after reports that Ghent asked Howard to give a portion of his salary from “Empire“. He asked the judge to give him full control of his earnings.

Earlier this week, Howard played before judge an audio tape of Ghent saying, “I have a whole lot of money I can make by selling your sh**y tapes.” Ghent, on the other hand, accused Howard of domestic violence and infidelity among others. She also sought money he reportedly owed her under the settlement.


It was also noted in court his wife was upset about the make out scene with Jennifer Hudson, causing her to knock over items in the couples home and attack him.

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