Jas Prince Suing for Drake Royalties *Update


Jas Prince isn’t playing when it comes to what’s owed to him, he’s pursuing catch money for back royalties owed to him from discovering and getting Drake Signed to Cash Money Records.  

 Lil Wayne isn’t Birdman’s only big legal problem.

For the last few years, Jas Prince has been wrangling with Cash Money for royalties he says he’s owed for bringing Drake to Baby. Prince had signed Drake to his Aspire label in 2007, and then turned him over to CM for 22 percent of Drizzy’s future royalties.

For some time, Prince was having trouble nailing down how much Drake had earned with Birdman and company, who aren’t strong on accounting. Now his lawyers are putting that number at $40 million, and Prince is seeking $11 million total from CM.

Last week, Prince asked a judge to award him the money immediately. He’s worried if he doesn’t get his cash from Cash Money soon he’ll never get it.

Complicating the situation is that the money is technically still owed to Aspire, which Prince has left. He says he has paperwork stating the Drake money still goes to him. But since it has to go through Aspire, it gives Birdman another layer of protection from actually paying what he owes.The judge has yet to decide on Prince’s motion.http://news.hiphopearly.com/jas-prin…ake-royalties/

Don’t seem like nobody ever get’s paid when it comes to Cash Money it’s a wonder anyone extends any type of credit or assistance to them without some type of collateral.

As of this past week Jas Prince has won his 11 Million Dollar Lawsuit against Cash Money, for back royalties on the discovery and signing of YM Artist Drake on there Label.  Bought time that man got paid, its been nearly a decade since Drake been out.. SMDH

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