Well If you haven’t seen the video of Birdman going off on Breakfast Club radio personalities Charlamane, Angela Yee and DJ Envy then check it out below.  Also get the full backstory as to what led up to the Blowout with the Cash Money Co-Founder and CEO Bryan Birdman Williams.  Believe me when I say there’s more to this story as explained in the second video I post below. 

First I’ll go over some quick excerpts for those who don’t like to listen all the way through.

So if you remember in the video Charlamane challenges Birdman when he says “Why are you talking to the radio guy like that?  You didn’t roll up Rick Ross or Trick Daddy like that dad you?  So that prompted me to dig deeper up until they released a video/audio  themselves that pulls the excerpts for me.

I’d say for audience the beef started in November 2015 when The Breakfast Club had Rapper Trick Daddy on and he had alot to say about how Birdman conducts his business- Jas Prince Wins Lawsuit Against Cash Money.  Trick Daddy says  in so many words he said Birdman’s business etiquette isn’t on par;  Trick Daddy also admits doing business with Baby himself some good, some bad.  Claimed Baby was to busy trying to be the CEO, Rapper,  Lady’s Man, Girlfriend a Crypt and a Blood.  When asked where did he get that Birdman was trying to be someone’s girlfriend? His reply was that he got it from the streets.

Then when Rick Ross came on the Breakfast Club in December he spoke on his disdain with how Birdman handle’s his artist and the beef Wayne had with the Cash Money CEO in getting monies owed to him.  Ross came out in a rap and said the called out Birdman when he said “The P**sy that Drake is signed to”.  Ross admitted he wanted to build his team after Cash Money until he seen how he Baby handled business then the respect he had for him was gone.

Now  I know your thinking well what does this have to do with the Breakfast Club well Birdman feels as though they gave Ross & Trick Daddy the outlet to air out their beef with him and he wanted it to be known to keep his name out there mouth.  He didn’t say that specifically, but when your from the south your taught to listen in shorthand;  In my mind it was something that was passed along by the slaves, you never wanted to get caught having a full out conversation in front of Master.  They’d think you were plotting on them.   So in so many words Birdman said what he had to say, without having to threaten anyone. He did tell Charlamane its plenty of times “I’ve known where you were and I didn’t pull up on you”.   

Now Birdman didn’t act a complete fool cause he know he got eyes on him, especially after that attempted murder of Lil Wayne and the man who did it then implicating Birdman as who hired him to do it-Read Here-Baby & Young Thug Fingered in Conspiracy To Murder Weezy .  Its a wonder he’s not locked up and Wayne still talks to him.  I think Wayne does it out of necessity because he doesn’t want to make it apparent to Birdman he knows what’s going on, as far as the investigation goes.  All this plays into the fact that Birdman isn’t as hard as he used to be.  He know he being watched very closely, one false step or slip or the tongue could end it all for him.



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