Khloe K & Lamar Odom Still Legally Married?! #HowConvenient


Khloe K and Lamar Odom are still legally husband and wife. A judge has yet to sign off on the divorce papers!, In layman’s term Khloe is still the party in charge of making the medical decisions while Lamar remains in critical conditions.

“It is not final until it is final. They are still a married couple in the eyes of the law,” legal expert Troy Slaten tells E! News. According to Troy, the delay is simply due to a file backlog. Khloe originally filed her divorce papers in December 2013. The courthouse is estimating that it will be finalized later this year.

Troy explains, “Khloe is still his wife and she makes all the medical decisions and she is the next of kin. If Lamar were to pass away, because she does not need anything from him, I doubt that she would take anything in his will or estate and she would defer everything to his children.”

Lamar was located unconscious  in a room at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada on Tuesday afternoon, October 13. He’s in a coma; Breathing with the help of machines as he’s suffers from heart failures and has issues with his kidneys and lungs.

How Convenient  just when you’ve think you’d heard it all.  She’d have to relinquish his assets to his children for me to believe that she has his family best interest at heart and to prove to the world that she’d be a fool to allow this to be dragged into the courts;  All kinds of people would start coming out the woodworks testifying against them.
Right now I’m just observing like everyone else, this is what you call “Peep’n Game” in the hood.  Right now I’m praying for Lamar Odom to pull through.  He has two beautiful children and a family who still loves and cares about him.  I applaud Khloe and her family for getting his family out to see about Lamar.  #WEShallSee #Pray4LO

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