Love & HipHop Hollywood Full New Ep.

It was just the end of the first season when Ray J & Ex T.Marie shared this passionate kiss out in front of a beach.  He always  meeting her at rest stops.  Which I find hilarious, like who made that call?  Did someone advise him to do that, or is it just basic instinct.   Its like I’m not trying to be out here in the public making a scene with you.. Literally and Figuratively.. SMDH
Tee Tee Do yourself a favor and leave these fools to there own demise.   BTW All you had to say to shut Princess Love up was “Well this Fat a** had him first”. Lol! Okay!  I’m ready for your music.
This tweet has got to be the realest stuff I done read this year. Like girl Soulja Boy just FTH and Show up for a check”   He literally looked her in the face and said “I said I was sorry and that’s not enough”.  “I’ worth 25 Million Dollars I don’t have to say i’m sorry.  I cant imagine what human being aspires to become like Soulja Boy one day.  He’s a walking predicament of STD’s.  Why does anyone he dates ever even take the time to tell people that’s they man? 
If these were a who’s who? of Characters from the Wizard of Oz, Nia Riley would be whoever the mutha ex·ple·tive was who needed a brain.  Oh yea! the Scarecrow! SMH!  They say “Delusions of Grandeur” is serious issues for Thot’s in the media as of late. 
I know it had to been devastating to hear, honey child it was time.  I’m not going to speak to much on this subject.  All I’d like to do is commend this man for finally admitting out loud to those he loves; On national TV none the less.   Atleast he did he it though.  I’d respect a man who could own up to it, before I’d respect one who was downlow.  So, I hope you both remain good friends.
Nas get’s told of by Nikki Baby… But I don’t want to spoil it.
Lil  B and her Husband reach a Resolution..
Check out the full episode below..

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