One Child Law Comes to an End in China

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This past week China has overturned one of many controversial and intrusive laws this government has ever seen.  One Child Law has been renegotiated to add one more child.  They were seeing the drop in births of girls and the ratio from boys to girl where horrendous. 120 boys to 100 Girls was the startling number given in 2013 so I can imagine what the ratio had gotten to by the time the government decided to allow a 2 child policy. 

There’s a lot of family’s who suffered forced abortions and mutilation during this One Child Policy. They like to justify what they were doing at the time as law considering they’d allow people to have children they’d just had to get a permit to do.  If not drastic measures were taken to ensure the Chinese families were in line with the law.

Ms. Feng had a stillborn child in 2012 after local officials in Shaanxi Province induced labor seven months into her pregnancy. A supporter of Ms. Feng posted a photograph of her and the bloody fetus online, igniting nationwide outrage and leading to the firing of some officials. Even after that, though, Ms. Feng’s husband was beaten on the orders of local officials, who also led farmers in a march to denounce the family as “traitors.”
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I remember hearing worst stories then this.  Stories of Chinese Soldiers ripping babies out of there parents arms and rolling over them with there trucks.  So in her case they’d of considered that merciful and which I find despicable.  Everyone would like to think our Country wouldn’t do such a thing, then you have to remember there was  a point in time the Chinese would had never guessed it.

I cant say that I’m happy for them because I still find it depressing to have someone tell you how many children you can have.  It’s disturbing and intrusive at its lowest levels.   I just pray considering our Baby Mama & Baby Daddy culture it’s a surprise nobody’s tried enacting that law here.  I heard of individual cases where Judges has ordered someone’s tubes tied or a vasectomy.   

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