Travis Scott Ft. Kanye West P**** on Your Grave #MusicVideo


You may want to say a prayer before and after you watch this video.  I know I did.    I never really followed Travis Scott I can honestly say I clicked to watch this video because Kanye name was on it.  I thought with Kanye being the lyrical and musical magician he is it’d be something worth listening to you.  These men in so many words said F**k You to all of humanity in so many words.  With lyrics like “Told momma, “B**ch get back in the door”, He can’t be promoting “Honor thy mother”, he promoting disrespect towards your own mama, who has done that in the history of ever in rap? Besides him now.  Another lyric caught my attention “Kamikaze over Commas”, yea sounds great.  He’s basically saying “War over Money” which is asinine but it’s the truth in the evil world he live’s in.  He says a lot more ignorant sh** that I’ll let you check out on your own.

This the moment I’ve been waiting for
This why I moved to Cali, stepped outside and got shaded for
Told momma, “bitch get back in the door”
I’ve been coming up and down, a nigga can’t take no more
Kamikaze over commas
Benjamins, dividends stuffed in my jeans
I can’t fit in
Popping pills and dropping ‘ritis
Pop a penicillin, nigga you gotta get with it

My, my, my, my, look at little Scotty now
The same fuckers that used to doubt
All preaching that they proud
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Kanye West all I can say is you’ve disappointed me.  Your better then this, wtf convinced you to do this song. WTF! Kim had to be shaking her damn head on this one…. She had to.
Go back to the drawing board and re-mix , re-vamp & Negro Redo that ASAP Rocky Fast!!

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