Nicki Minaj Caught Out There, Fans Disappointed..


Nicki Minaj has put the Proverbial “Foot in Her Mouth”.  Just last night while at a Halloween event, while walking down the hallway she took it up her Fairy Godmother self to make fun a disabled woman infront of her.  Who I’m sure heard everything seeing as though she isn’t deaf.  Like what are you thinking she’s at the same event as you.  So that could mean one of two things in my mind and that’s she either someone of importance or related to that person.  Even if she isn’t her life isn’t less valuable for you to mock.  It’s funny that she posted this to her instagram account last night and wasn’t but a  few hours ago she deleted the video.  Thanks to myself others who commented about how despicable she looked and to the other people on Social Media who spoke out against this video.

Here and Meek Mill need to have several of seats and fast…

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