Erica Mena Scorned Bow Wow Back With BabyMama

Word on the street is Bow Wow has officially moved on from recent ex Erica Mena.   I know your wandering who’s the lucky lady;  He didn’t have to search to far its none other then his child’s mother Joie.  Now Erica on Snap Chat cursing the day she me this man.  Hoping he’s changed his womanizing abusive ways. 

Now Erica Mena is crazy so I can only imagine him having to put his hands her more then a few times.  Her reputation proceeds itself.

The pictures listed above are the one’s that’ve sparked the rumor of there reconciliation.    Now Erica has something to talk about on Loe an Hip Hop.  I wish Bow the best and Erica have several seats.

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