Meek Mill Finally Sentenced


Hip Hop Artist Meek Mill finally got his day in court this past week and was sentenced. 

The violations for Meek’s parole included an unapproved trip to New York, the visit was for a benefit concert. Mill also made efforts to join Minaj as she traveled to various cities. One of the biggest reported violations, is that Mill’s turned in cold water instead of urine for a drug test, that is a condition of his parole. The judge included this condition due to Meek’s history with painkillers.
A month ago, Brinkley, the judge assigned to Mill’s case, after the violation threatened to send the Philadelphia rapper to state prison. On Friday before his sentence was passed down, Meek Mill pleaded with the judge to once again provide him with a second chance.

“I just want to ask you for a chance to turn that corner and be a changed man. You said you saw something in me… I want to prove you right. I believe I can be the bright star you intended me to be.”

There was 4 1/2-hour hearing for Meek’s parole violation. On Meek’s behalf a life coach, a former judge, a charter school executive and an R&B legend testified on Mill’s behalf. Regardless of her threat, Brinkley ended up sentencing Mill to 90 days of house arrest.
Meek Mill will be under house arrest at his Philadelphia residence for three months starting March 1st, he will also be fitted with an ankle monitor. Mill is also not allowed to record, perform or release music while he is under house arrest. As apart of his sentence Meek Mill will have to do daily community service with groups serving adults and not with a younger crowd that would be considered his fan base. That will be a harsh sentence for the recording artist, but it is better than being sent to a state prison.

Meek Mill, Kevin Hart and Drake took this picture recently.  I find it funny how he’s Drake in the pic but he’s not.  Like I aint here for this Negroe.  Im just trying to be peaceful. 

I find It even more funny that the judge delayed another “L” for Meek Mill for the following year.  Like dude you ended and started your Year losing.  The judge is going to make sure Meek has several seats within the comforts of his own, I mean Nicki’s House.

I pray Meek takes this time and works on his craft instead of just partying and bull spit.  I want him to come back and do his thing.  I want Meek to succeed.  Just don’t be on no bull..  Shoot slugs at a thug, don’t get bodied by no more singing nyccas..

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