World Prem. Beyonce-Formation Video


Beyoncé Surprised us all today by dropping a new song and video to her masses of fans.  So random even TMZ had to write about it.  I think its funny that after much delay Rihanna’s album was just leaked on Tidal last week in which no one has taken direct responsibility for.  Yet in my mind you’ll never have a Beyoncé Album or a Jay-Z Album leak its just those who are beneath them apparently who meet that fate.   That’s another story.  Back to Queen B and this video im still trying to decipher. 

 I cant understand the words from the imagery.  She’s going to have to start being more vocal on what direction she’s coming from in order for me to follow where’s she’s going.  Good Job Though Beyoncé making the world stop just for even a second.

Apparently the directors son spilled the beans days earlier, so now we know that we can look forward to another surprise video apparently.  That’s why I don’t have kids they don’t know how to stfu.  I’d have to tell my child if I was in a field where I dealt directly with private people to keep his mouth shut til I said it was okay.  I think it was out of his position to announce such a thing.  I’m just saying his dad didn’t say anything.  But thanks for the heads up.

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