Po Kardashians Blac Chyna Still Winning!


Out of all the Kardashians supposedly Kim is all for the budding romance between Brother Robert and Blac Chyna.  Which I cant blame her for wanting to butt out considering one of Chyna’s besties is none other then Ye’s and Kim’s Arch Nemesis Amber Rose. 

Kim doesn’t want to get caught barking at or up the wrong tree.  Ye already got shut down by Muva when he tried coming for little Sebastian (Wiz & Amber’s son.) Insinuating that by default that Wiz and Ambers child was his by default for the fact if it wasn’t for himself there child wouldn’t be here. 

  To which Amber promptly replied

With Talks of  a Rob and Blac Chyna Reality Show, offers from Vivid Entertainment for a porn and to Robert Kardashian teasing himself that Chyna will be the one to help him carry on the Kardashian name. 

There’s really no where for Chyna to lose, whichever direction they decide to head in.  Neither are officially married so it wouldn’t be hard to go run away and elope somewhere.   With Chyna’s recent arrest all its done was add fuel to there already wild fire of a relationship;  Rob left the house in LA and drove all the way to Austin in his Bentley to pick boo up.  He didn’t waste any time to do it either.  I bet the Kardashians thought she’d be shamed, but its not like Khloe hasn’t had her mug shot plastered on a screen.

The war is on and Blac Chyna is here to stay.  The hopeful future Mrs.Kardashian that is.

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