Kanye West "Yeezy Season 3" #MSG

Earlier today Kanye Showed homage by donning a shirt with both his Deceased Mother “Donda West” and Deceased Father In Law “Robert Kardashian”. 

Naomi Campbell front and center, she was spotted and connected the other night to fellow British Entertainer Idris Elba.  Sources Claim he left his long time off and on Girlfriend/Baby Mama for Naomi. 

Yeezy just cant stop at dressing his wife Kim, he had to fly out to Paris and create a matching wardrobe for everyone in her family.  Special made by there pal who makes Balmain.  They all had to be Yeezyfied.  Strange but cute..

Lamar Odom is out on the mend and can be spotted below in between Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, looking as lost as the day she found him.  He wanted to come support Kanye who with Kim with come visit Lamar in the hospital often allowing him to hear early releases of some of TLOP “The Life of Pablo”.

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