@UncleRush All Def Movie Awards

Uncle Rush said damn an Oscar we’ll put on our own award show.  Which I feel is something we as a people should have been done.  Why is it we ourselves cant recognize our ethnicities great accomplishments on and off film. 
I’m excited that having our own award shows will hopefully encourage more people of color to go into film not just as actors, but also Producing and Directing.   Check out some of the guest and nominees below.
 Ice Cube and his son Oshea “White Wash” Jr.  I don’t understand his son’s hatred of black women.  I think one must of really broke his heart when he was younger. 
 Russell “Uncle Rush” Simmons & Will “Crybaby” Smith.  Jada came out swinging when she found out hubby Will Smith wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.  Which in a sense her public outrage which is what sparked a healthy debate, as to “Why don’t African Americans have there own Movie Award Show”.  I can imagine Oprah following suit in coming up with her own Awards show and I’d say that I’d be excited about the idea.  Her and Jada should collaborate. 
     Lira Galore (Crickets) and thigh?  What does she do again? Cute.
Cassie Ventura showed up and showed out.  Cassie actually has a movie that just wrapped called “The Perfect Match”.  The movie stars Terrence Jenkins, Cassie Ventura, Paula Patton and Donald Faison. Rapper French Montana is also in the feature film. See Preview Below.. Support Black Cinema.  I went and seen that bull spit called “The Witch” and nearly me and everyone in the audience asked for our money back.
Actor Quincy “Diddy’s Stepson” Brown.  I actually think he’s a very talented actor in the making.  He didn’t have much of a part in dope but I can tell that he’s funny and entertaining.  He knows how to connect well to a character.
Michael “Blue Eyes” Ealy.  He was Halle Berry boo thang for a moment a few years back.  Prior to Aubrey coming and putting  a baby in that gut.  From what I understand according to everyone who’s ever dated or married Halle Berry he dodged a hell of a bullet.
The beautiful and Talented Sanaa Lathan.
The handsome and funny Marlon Wayans, go check out “50 Shades of Black” in theaters if you haven’t already.  Anything he has to deal with is going to be hella funny.
Karrueche Tran is rocking the brown on brown.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Go cop your Kaepop Lip Sticks/Matte
 Erica “Irrelevant Mena”

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