takari-jacksonIf Jackie Christie had it her way no one would’ve ever known about her eldest daughter Ta’Kari Lee, whom she had from a previous relationship. According to Kari herself she’s never been close to her mother as she’d like and felt indifferent as Jackie left her with her now deceased mother to raise, so she could run around behind Doug on the road.


This issue was partially discussed on a past season of Basketball Wives when Kari made a brief appearance to address her issues with her mother Jackie in front of a Family Therapist.  She was hurt by the difference Jackie made in the raising between herself and her siblings her mom had with Doug Christie,  Chantel & Doug Jr.

Well, I like everyone else who watched the show figured from there they’d of fixed the issue or on the road to building a better relationship and apparently that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Unfortunately Ta’Kari youngest child 8 month old Jaxson was injured and badly burned by a bottle warmer while in day care, with burns on his head, neck and other parts of his body.  News of this broke as Kari made an open plea for help, as she’s not able to work with having to tend to her ailing child and getting him back and forth for the treatment he needs.

Jackie hasn’t done anything to help her daughter or grand child and from the sounds of it hasn’t even reached out to check on him.  Her mental stability has always been questionable and the fact that she struggles with loving and helping her own child shows how disconnected she is from reality.

Jaxson’s GoFundMe reads:

Jaxson is a very happy- go- lucky lil 8-month-old baby who was badly burned on his head, neck, and chest while being cared for at a local daycare earlier this week. Due to the extent of his injuries he has to go at least once a week to Harborview M.C. to meet with the children’s burn unit. His mother cannot go to work and doesn’t have enough vacation time to cover the extended leave she will need to provide around the clock care for Jaxson. At this point their family needs assistance to cover the financial hardships that this horrible injury will create in the near future until any legal matters are handled. This includes things such as transportation to and from Seattle each week, some bills, groceries, etc. Any little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated by Kari and her children. If you can’t donate it’s okay, but if you can share this page that would help greatly! Thank you very much.

If you would like to donate & help out you can do so Here.

jackie-doug-christyTa’kari standing next to her step father Doug Christie, Grandmother, Jackie & Chantel Christie in happier times.

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