Martin & Will Bad Boys 3 Summer 2017

Well its official Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are teaming up again for not one, but two more Bad Boy movies.  They’ll both be reviving there “Bad Boy” alter ego’s Det Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.  There’s been talk for years of a follow up film for there franchise, I’m just happy they’ve finally put it in the works. 
You can now see on both actors IMDB.Com page that there in production, so you know its real.  I’m eager to see what direction there going to take the story line in.  So be watching for the 3rd installment of “Bad Boys” to drop Summer of 2017.
I was just thinking how weird is that Duane Martin and Will Smith are best friends;  Duane’s wife is Tisha Campbell who played Gina on Martin.  Now Tisha and Martin had a falling out years ago, no one publicly really knows why til this day. 
There was speculation it had to do with accusations of Sexual Harassment or Sexual advances by Martin to Tisha on and off set. 
 Another thing was said was that she was ready to move on with her singing career and get married to Duane. 
I wonder how Will balances both relationships.  I guess he say Duane Martin aint paying my bills,  and essentially he did do the first two installments of “Bad Boy”.  I’m just thinking you’d of thougt that Martin and Tisha would of kissed and made up by now. 

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