tovonnaTovonna Holton,15 a flourishing, smart and beautiful teenager just finishing up her 9th grade year, has lost her life due to online bullying.   I know ignorant people would like to ask, “Well how did someone kill her online”?  Well I’d happily explain it to you.  Then break down why the person who’s to blame should face charges.

Tovonna was just like any other teenager in today’s age, she had people whom she believed were her friends and she trusted to have her back.  She also like many other teenager’s engaged in social media to keep up with their friends and other classmates.  Somewhere along the line a close friend of hers had broken her trust and filmed Tovonna while she was in the shower.

For weeks this so-called friend threatened to post the video, no doubtingly blackmailing her, cause all her mother could get out of her was that “I owe them, I Owe them”.  I’m thinking to myself what does one 9th grader owe to another.

For them to illegally film you in the shower and blackmail you?  I don’t care if she knew the person was filming, she was/is a teenager and not of legal age yet to decide to show herself if she wanted to.   So for weeks the friend showed the video to others at the school, up until the day they decided to post it on the “popular networking app” Snapchat.  That same day 15-Year Old Tovonna Holton decided to take her life locked inside her bathroom, with a gun she’d taken out of her moms purse.

She was just a child, she had yet to Don the shield of Womanhood to make it through the amount of ridicule and embarrassment she’d endured in those days or moments leading up to her death.

As of now no arrest have been made in the connection of her suicide.   That doesn’t mean that wont be changing anytime soon, and I cant wait til it does.  I believe in Justice and it will prevail.  The friend who recorded then leaked the video will mainly be held responsible and likely anyone else who shared it as well.   I’m upset so watch the video below as to what her mother had to say and leave a comment.  Til Then #JusticeForTovonna #StopBullying


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