LHHNY Amina Buddafly Done Lost her Mind

Amina Buddafly has lost her mind.  How does one go from getting an abortion a few months ago out of fear of being in a sucky relationship.  To now pregnant again like people suppose to be happy or congratulate you.  GTFOH! Amina has to be slightly mentally disabled.  

She talks like she’s 8 years old and she acts like she has no sense in the world.  Like even the picture above with her holding her belly looks warped.  Cause she has a warped mind frame. 

Tara has her ways but atleast I can pin point what she is and that’s a woman scorned and vindictive. I couldn’t quite put my finger on Amina at first but at after the stunt she pulled by getting knocked up by Peter again helped me decide she’s just not all the way here present in the world.  She just comes off so lost.  Like she always looking for someone to guide her in the relationship.

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