Does Kylie Know,Tyga Still Sextin Blac Chyna?


According to sources close to Tyga he’s still sexting his Baby Mama behind Kylie’s Back.  He still has a soft spot in his heart for Angela “Blac Chyna”.  I mean how couldn’t he, his son looks just like her.  Question is does Kylie know this?  I doubt it, the pic above is from her snapchat last night back stage at Justin Bieber’s concert. 
Which I find funny considering he just cancelled his backstage meet and greet packages–See Here Bieber Fans Are Crying Everywhere...  I find it interesting now that he’s nixed the offer to meet him how all these people are coming to visit him back stage and see his show. 

This same source states that Blac Chyna and Tyga are actually on better terms then people believe, apparently even Kylie nor Rob are aware.   My thing is they have a son so of course they have to stay in touch.  

 Sources close to Blac Chyna say that she goes around telling folks that Tyga still be sexting her and that her relationship with Rob Kardashian drives him mad.  Now I can believe that. 
 It really doesn’t matter who she would’ve gotten with he’d of been jealous.  You cant tell me Tyga takes Kylie more seriously then Blac Chyna.  She’s less experienced in everything and it show’s.  I can just imagine there sex life is about as exciting as waiting for paint to dry.  #IJS
I can believe Tyga still wants Chyna, he ought to be lucky they have a seed that does connect them for life.  Cause had they not, can guarantee he wouldn’t even be on Blac Chyna’s Radar.  They’d of just broken up and that would of been the end of it.

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