Katt Williams Taken into Custody Following Fight With Child


Funny Man, Katt Williams was taken into custody  without any provocation  earlier on Wednesday March 30th by Hall County Sheriff Deputies.  All this was in response and following a physical altercation Katt had with a 17 year old child. In the full length video you can see the beginning of the fight and how it ended, the one thats viral is a short clip which show’s Katt throwing the first punch.—Click Here to See Full Un-Edited Video of Fight.  Williams is being held without bond and is scheduled to see a judge Thursday morning.

According to reports,  a warrant was issued for Katt Williams  arrest for violating his conditional bond as well as disorderly conduct.

Although Katt threw the first punch a lot of people after seeing the full video seem to side with his decision to punch shawty, cause how disrespectful he was being.  Yet my thing is, you don’t know who child you hitting.  I guess he figured the boys parents weren’t there for the simple fact no adults that were around were doing anything to intervene.  Which I find a complete shame.  In my opinion, It shouldn’t of never went as far as it did.

Katt was just recently diagnosed with being bipolar and schizophrenic disorder, which prompted him to be prescribed all kinds of medication to help balance him out.  I’m hoping after this incident he continues to get the help he needs.  His family are trying to reach out and help but his reply is they just want  his money.  Which is a pretty paranoid thing to think about your family.

He alsohas recently let go some of the people he’s been hanging around with.  Which his case might of been a move to soon considering all these people are pending charges themselves of aggravated assault and theft from situations Katt was known to be there in himself and what many believe him to be the “Ring Leader”.  I can imagine there over there snitching now for a plea deal.  That’s why its best if your going to do dirt, you do it by yourself.

Kevin Hart is somewhere grinning like a Cheshire Cat.   If Kevin were to come out with another Stand up Special he could honestly rip Katt Williams for an hour set and probably still have enough stuff on him to go on for 2-3 more encores.  Katt ya did this to ya self.  Get it together!

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