Kim Kardashian Served Blac Chyna some Side Shade with the post above #Balmain and I’ll tell you why.  Well the day before the pic that Kim Kardashian Posted above, Blac Chyna posted the SnapChat of the Photo’s below saying how her boo rob got h

blac chyna balmain robert kardashianNow Blac Chyna Posted these snaps to show what her boo had gotten her not really thinking about anybody in particular just sharing one of her many gifts.  Then sure enough next day Kim Kardashian post this Snap with no explanation at all.  I’m certain this isn’t the first time she saw those outfits or had them hanging near by.  She didn’t want to share that til she felt the need to show Blac Chyna up.  I notice they do that alot, that whole family.  They throw side shade with the best of them, but there’s no shade they can throw that can beat the fact that she’s engaged to your brother.  LMAO Blac Chyna is what Charlie Sheen would call Winning..LOL

blac chyna balmain, kim kardashian



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