Blac Chyna & Rob took her little jitter bug to the Los Angeles Fire Station today.  King who at home enjoys driving his own fire engine and putting out imaginary fires was right at home at the station.  I forget how old he is at time because he’s so wise and curious he comes off as though he’s been here before.  It’s cute and scary at the same img_2060-1Blac Chyna got in on the fun herself.  She decided to put on the full Fireman’s gear, which was super cute on her petite frame.  Probably gave Rob some ideas.

img_2052-1Blac Chyna and Rob aren’t worried about obtaining the blessings from the Kardashian family at all.  Besides the honor of accepting a proposal is generally reserved  to the Brides family in which Rob has already received his blessing from Chyna’s mom Tokyo.

Kim K Blac Chyna & Rob said save the tears and the drama for your mama.

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