Future wasted no time in responding to his Ex Ciara’s defamation lawsuit she served to him not long ago inferring that his comments towards her on social media and in interviews were slanderous and tarnishing her brand and image.  It’s funny because before he was served he had something to say about Ciara just about every other week, I’m guessing his lawyer whose handling the suit asked him to back off until its settled.

ciara future russell wilson

The response to her suit is the first thing he’s said openly about Ciara since served.  Future has responded with a Counter-Suit claiming that he had nothing to do with Ciara’s failing career, stating for example he’s not responsible for her last album “Jackie” not making a dent to be called a flop.  Nor is he responsible for her not winning any major awards in the past 3-4 years and that nothing he’s said on social media or in interviews has anything to do with the direction her Brand has taken.

Now I can honestly say I agree with him in that aspect.  But at the same time as a woman and your child’s mother she deserves her privacy,  all of your issues shouldn’t be aired out on social media.   If anything she helped his career, she should get a percentage of anything he earns just for dating him. Future’s counter-suit request that in case judge sides with him all he wants his Ciara to keep his name out of her mouth and that she pay for all his court and legal fee’s.  Well what do you  expect when he’s repping for the Low Life’s..

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