CHINX DRUGZ FRENCH MONTANNAReporter Lisa Evers with Fox 5 sat down with lead detectives Lt. Louron Hall and Lt. Richard Rudolph at police headquarters this past week.  They were able to go over what details they have in the case of fallen rapper Chinx Drugz in wake of the one year anniversary since his death.  Check out the rest of the story..

His wife is desperate to find his killer and the police are asking the hiphop community to speak up.  You’d think French Montana would know who’d done this to his friend, but he’s to busy keeping up with the Kardashian’s to bother to care.

Not once has he assisted in trying to locate his dearly departed friend and associates killers.  Generally you see post from family and friends of slained loved one’s on social media asking for the arrest and capture of suspected killers online;  Yet if you scroll down French Montana and any of the Coke Boy pages you dont see such a thing.  It makes you wonder considering Chinx was set to come into  alot of money.  I cant see a motive of killing someone for nothing unless it was meant to benefit someone else, considering whoever done this, they didn’t rob Chinx.

Below are Excepts from Fox 5 interview done with the lead Detectives on the case.

“I wouldn’t call it a set up, but was he a target? Yes. So, we believe our shooter walked up and fired into that car,” Lt. Rudolph said.

According to Rudolph, Chinx, who was readying his debut album, Welcome to JFK, before his May 15 death, might have been killed by someone who was jealous of his impending success.

“He was not involved, as far as we know, with any type of serious drugs. But he was about to make it big. He was going to make money,” he said.

As the one-year anniversary of the 31-year-old’s passing approaches, both detectives said the assistance of the hip-hop community is especially needed to close the case.

“Nobody, who knows anything about this murder specifically, is cooperating with the police at this time,” he said. “Individuals in the rap industry, we really need those people to come forward,” Lt. Hall said.

Chinx’s second posthumous album, Legends Never Die, will debut on June 3.


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