ROSD1Actress Rosario Dawson whose a staunch Bernie Sander’s supporter found herself on the wrong side of the line and the law this past week.

  According to arrest reports the actress crossed a distinct and procedural police line at a Democracy Spring Protest in D.C.  which was cause for arrest.   The official charges were for Rosario’s arrest were for crowding, obstructing or incommoding a public servant.  After her release Ms. Dawson had this to say for herself.

“This is a tremendous issue and I’m really grateful that I could be here and be a part of it,” the 36-year-old actress told reporters following her arrest. “I wanted for me, personally, to be in solidarity with the people who put themselves on the line.”

rosario dawson arrestedDawson, who donned  a leather jacket  with presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s face emblazoned on it , attended the protest “to put an end to the corruption of big money in our politics,” Democracy Spring iterates in their publications.

Reports state that Rosario was warned several times that she would be arrested if she continued crossing the line and she felt the need to test said theory;  Wanted it noted that she was treated very gracious.

“The police were really great with us and really lovely, I have to say that is not the case for so many people.”

I have to say its good to see celebrities use there star power to promote attention to greater causes in our communities and on a bigger scale our government.  People sit around and talk about all the issues, but want do anything to protest or bring attention to it to fix them.  So Kudos to you Rosario,  keep up the good work.  Now you need to find out how you can get on Fox, CNN or MSNBC shows and speak on your views and where your coming from.  So you can reach a broader and remote audience.

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