dmA Bronx man Faces 40 Years in Prison for the  murder of next door neighbor over pocket change of all things.   In my mind I want to believe there’s more to the story then this.  But apparently this plot had to been thought through ,analyzed, and investigated.

In which case I’d have believe they had witness testimony that corroborated his story in what led up to the altercation that led to the shooting death of Ibushio Sealey back in august of 2013- Read original Story Here

Prosecutor’s  say the conflict between the two began when weeks prior to the incident Lamont Jones (Photo’d above) purchased a cigarette from his neighbor and sadly now victim, 35 Year Old Ibushio Sealey.

Sealey allowed Jones to purchase the cigarette with the intent of him paying it  back sooner than later.

Tension’s boiled as days past and Jones had yet to make good on his debt with Sealey.  There dispute took a turn for the worst that night when Lamont Jones shot Ibushio  five times inside his Andrews Avenue apartment building;  Again all this over .40 cents if I were friends of these people I would have ended the situation so long ago it wouldn’t even been an issue.  You let someone have .40 cents  when your that old.   It’s insane what people will kill for.

After a speedy trial  Lamont Jones was found guilty of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and second degree murder. He rightfully faces up to 15 years on  the  weapons charge and 25 years on the murder charge.  Sentencing for Jones will be held on May 10th, 2016.

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