Kim Kardashian & Kanye West-Met Gala 2016

This year’s Met Gala was ever so pleasing to the eye with some of the different styles and fashions our favorite celebrities rocked.  Kim and Kanye were no exception, the outfit’s were so fly they were out of this world fresh. The couple both donned fresh colored contacts to compliment their eccentric yet tasteful style. 


Eccentric rapper and fashion designer Kanye West photo’d above in what appears to be a custom-made Balmain Jacket and Grey Contacts.  Give’s me a wolf type vibe and Kim Kardashian is coming off like a Vampire with them contacts.  I’m almost certain those were the looks their creepy a** was going for.

beyonce met galaBeyoncé at this years Met Gala in a beautiful dress, sans husband Shawn Carter.  They’d like to keep up appearances by not being spotted with each other.  How else is she going to sell “Formation Tour” tickets without drummed up drama.  In other news  If Jay-Z Cheats Again Beyonce Gets Half according to reports out this past week.  So seem like Bey has it covered on the home front.


One of America’s favorite couples LaLa & Carmelo Anthony looking quite snazzy. The 31 Year Old NBA Forward and LaLa have been married for going on six years this year and have one son for now.  Who’s to say they wont have more children. They’re both still young, LaLa just 36 and she’s not in any rush to commit to a bigger family with all the different business ventures she’s juggling; With two movies in Post-Production and one filming right now, it’s a wonder she had time to head to the Met Gala and be so flawless at the same time.


This pic of Beyoncé, Lala Anthony and Nicki Minaj has gone viral and can anyone really be surprised with 3 of the hottest females who are based out of New York, 2 who are originally from there and one who married a Brooklyn native.  If you wondering if your going to see Meek Mill in any of these pictures I post, guess again he’ still on house arrest.  Meek Mill Appeals Courts Decision on House Arrest. Nicki Minaj downplayed their relationship while on Ellen a few weeks ago and since then both have been radio silent on their relationship or lack thereof.

ciara met gala

Singer Ciara don’t count me out I’m going to and  came in an elegant gown with a platinum wig and shut the red carpet down.  I wonder if she bumped into the baby daddy future while at the gala.  Must be awkward to stay out of each other’s way at industry event’s such as the Met Gala and award shows.  Especially since Future Responded to Ciara’s Law Suit With One of His Own.

NICKI MINAJ RICARDO TISCI madonnaArtists Madonna & Nicki Minaj with Designer Ricardo Tisci standing next to Nicki Minaj at the Met Gala.  I’m not quite sure what Madonna has on, if you look closely in the next pic, her boobs aren’t the only thing that’s bulging out at the Gala.


Yes this is Madonna from the back at the Gala, it’s a wonder anyone stopped and took a picture with her.  Then again, I guess you say she is Madonna. Ehh (Shoulder Shrug) I still could have done without it.  If this is what nearly 60 looks like for her in demureness, I’d hate to think what 70 will look like.KYLIE JENNER Kylie Jenner in what appears to me to be Balmain.  She looks cute, loving the bob and the classic semi-dramatic dark eye.  I didn’t see Tyga but I’ve learned that doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t there.  Their notorious for sneaking in and out of events together.  Why?  No one knows, especially since the youngest Jenner is of age now.  I guess the element of sneaking around is appealing to them.  I can imagine them later on in life after breaking up, them dating other people but sneaking around to hook up behind those person’s back.KENDALL JENNER

 Kendall Jenner is stunningly gorgeous as usual, she’s one of my fav out of all the sisters.  She just wants to do her modeling and stay to herself, drama free.

BEYONCEOdell Beckham Jr. & Beyoncé at this years Met Gala.  Now don’t think for one moment we don’t see what your doing Beyoncé, with taking this pic with Odell.  With Hubby Shawn Carter no where to be found by your side tonight.  Don’t be over there making your own cup of Lemonade!. Besides jokes on her, Odell aint thinking bout her or any other female for that matter. #SideShade


CARMELO WIZ NAS OTBCarmelo Anthony, Future, Nas, Wiz Khalifa & Odell Beckham at the Met Gala.


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