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Black Ink Crew

On this weeks Black Ink Crew, the Hookup with Dutchess & Donna that happened in Miami comes boiling over into Drama at the Black Ink Shop last we saw;  Now we see the after math and what transpired after the confrontation between the two.  Dutchess want’s everyone to believe she was tongue rapped and Donna is stead fast that it was the complete opposite and “Dutch, wanted it”.

Seems like the more Ceaser questions what really happened the less trust he has for Dutchess.  Last episode you got to remember, Donna informed “Cease” of a second phone is fiancé “Dutchess” was on while she was in Miami.   That and the fact that Dutchess was running around Miami without her Engagement Ring, so knowing that didn’t help her case either.  He addresses the Oh Sh*t rumor’s with her towards the end, but it leads into next weeks episode.  So don’t get your hopes up in seeing that drama play out this week.  I’ll leave it at that for now.  Click Link below to see full episode.×315.html

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