This past month has been an eye opener for singer Keyshia Cole.  She’d gotten back the results on a DNA test done between her and a man she believed to be her real father.  The results came back more then favorable revealing that she indeed has found her biological father and its none other then Legendary Boxing Trainer Virgil Hunter.KK4Keyshia Revealed on social media the finding and in the process gained alot more support and excitement for her breakthrough in finding her dad.  It’s been a question that Keyshia’s been asking Frankie for years, and thats “Who is my Father?”.  Her mother had her thinking it could of been some white man.

Now Frankie has never been one to shy away from sharing her past.  She let it be known to Keyshia and the world on reality TV that she was a prostitute or loose and couldn’t say for sure who her dad was.

I think its amazing that the man who she found to be her father has his own money and own Brand like Keyshia, to where they can focus on  their actual relationship and not feel one is using the other for one reason or another.KK5kk6I’m so happy for Keyshia cause now she can focus on healing and becoming more of a loving person. As a fan you could tell that she had a short temper and seemed like a genuinely angry person.  I also believe alot of the time hurt/pain can be misconstrued as anger or can be a trigger for being angry it self.  Her family and her friends have taken the brunt of that anger and frustration, which is common.  It’s those who stuck around she learned to appreciate more because she felt like they knew who she was and why she acted as she did.

Now with Keyshia finding her father she no longer has the excuse to be mad,  or a finger that was sitting on the trigger for that anger.  She can now put the gun down and find her happiness.  I want to see her win and smile all the way to the top.  I know this will bring a healing that has been long needed for the singer.

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