GUCCI MANE 2 Gucci Mane’s not wasting any time jumping back into the mix of things and doing it quite eloquently with his newest single “First Day Out the Feds”, produced by none other then Mike Will.  Gucci is back after a nearly 2 1/2 year stint for a bevy of charges that violated his probation-See GUCCI MANE IS FINALLY A FREE MAN.  I’m rooting for Gucci Mane I want to see this man succeed and put all that extra stuff he was doing to the side.

The one person I know is going to have his back is Girl Keyshia Kaoir, she’s a mogul in her own right  With or without Gucci Mane she paid and it feels good to know that your partner is truly that and yolked not just spiritually but financially.  Ha, that comes once in a lifetime for some if at all. Anyways check out the new music from Gucci Mane below..



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