SCOTT DISSICK LAMAR ODOM TYGA So word on the street is Tyga is shopping around another reality show this time featuring appearances from none other than Lamar Odom and Scott Dissick.  I guess they figured Brother-In Law Rob Kardashian has set the bar for revenge and there’s nothing they could do in comparison. 

News breaking on the pitch of the show, comes not even weeks after the confirmed split between the socialite and the rapper.  The split was rumored to be based around the Millions that Tyga pilfered off Kylie and the return of said millions-See Here TYGA REPORTEDLY OWES KYLIE MILLIONS

Everyone was going around making meme’s and comments on Tyga pimping Kylie and she didn’t take to kindly to it.  See below tweet that finally broke the camel’s back and warranted Kylie Jenner’s response.


kylie jenner tweet

Kylie reportedly denied the rumors of Tyga owing her on twitter.  But we all know its a lie and that boy was spending her money.  Why else would she hold on to this bum who owes just about every landlord he’s had, its a wonder he has a place to lay his head.

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote how Kylie was getting annoyed with Tyga.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before they called it quits. Then you throw in the fact he started shopping this reality show idea and she likely found out about it and felt it was time to distance him from her family.


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