JHENE AIKO Twenty88 duo Big Sean and Jhene Aiko took this inappropriate photo this past weekend, backstage at the “Late Late Show” where they were set to perform (video posted below).  The chemistry the fans pick up on is solely based of the fact they’re both dope artist, who work well musically together, and they’d make a good looking couple.  That’s why people are trying to see how much behind the curtain they can actually go in this working relationship.

Its easy to believe that the pair started out with  a friendly & flirty banter they were using to promote the Twenty88 Album, but somewhere along the line, “they crossed it”.  At least once.  If not sexually, then emotionally.   I’m enjoying the “Fire & Desire” between the two, they make you want to go #RelationshipGoals  even though their not in a “relationship”.  Check out the Full 20 Min Movie/Video to Big Sean & Jhene Aiko-Out of Love  you’ll see what I’m talking about.TWENTY88

In the case of a married woman working with a single man, where does the line drawn?  Because the photo taken above was past border line “disrespectful” and its doing nothing but adding fuel to these  hook-up rumors.   Check out the Full Sultry Performance on the Late Late Show Below.

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