ayesha curry, stephen curry, golden gate warriorsWife, Mother & Chef Ayesha Curry has seen her week full of a fun and hardwork, not just with her husband and boo thang Steph Curry being in the NBA finals.  But also with her running her first pop up BBQ restaurant at Mina’s Test Kitchen in San Francisco,CA.  Her husband Stephen, along with another notable celeb made time to come out and support Ayesha.

ayeshaPosted above is the Menu that Chef Curry is offering.  She has put out an exciting and healthy alternate take on BBQ;  Done quite well by mixing in asian inspired flavors.

                                           Thai-Style BBQ Shrimp Chili
                          International Pork Ribs Korean, St. Louis, Al Pastor

I’d hate to admit it but as much as I hate that she put a side of watermelon on the plate.  It sure does look good.  SMDH I hate that it aesthetically pleasing to eye, but it is.  I wouldn’t even eat it if I were there.  Ok maybe I’d take a bite before they cart my dish away, just so I can make sure it was fresh melon.

ay4Guest & The Curry’s at Ayesha’s Pop Up Eatery

I’m proud of Ayesha Curry and from what I understand the success of the pop up shop will be what determines if she opens up her own restaurant full-time. Which I’d think would be a very good investment considering she’s such a likeable person and a very good cook from what I hear.  Her is marketable on its own,  all she’d have to do is stand their holding a plate and smile and I’d throw money at her.

ayesha curry 2Ayesha & Guest

ay5Drake & the OVO Crew Came out to Support.



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