TOYA In my Ms. Sofia Voice:  I love Toya, God know’s I do but NOHFI!  No one, is here for it!  She went on Tigger’s show to promote Season 5 of Marriage Boot Camp and gave status on where her and estranged husband Memphitz stand as of now.

Toya wants us to know that her and Memphitz are getting a divorce.  Now I myself don’t understand how that’s an update considering they’ve been in the middle of splitting, seem like 2 years now.  They’ve done enough reality shows on their failed relationship, its a wonder they didn’t fit divorce court in there some where.

I’m sick of them together and you can honestly tell the only reason they’re still together is cause networks are still fool enough to want to offer them a check.  So I guess they’d figure they’ll draw this whackness out somewhere.

Do us all a favor, break up and move on already.  You didn’t even give Weezy this kind of time in your marriage, before you dropped him like a bad habit.

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